Confused about whether a foam or spring mattress is right for you?

No need to sweat. We’ve got your back

Truth is, both foam and spring have their benefits for a supportive, peaceful nights sleep

So we created a HYBRID! …and explained it in layman’s terms

Our Noddy is a composition of independent pocket springs, which provide wholesome support and durability with layers of foam to create the ideal balance of comfort

Multiple foam layers for a sound sleep, that’s sure to put a spring in your step

Independent pocket springs | means that movement is isolated within the independent zoned pocket springs, eliminating surface disturbance. Its like a DO NOT DISTURB sign for your side of the bed!

High-Density Foam | as a middle layer provides the support for the sleeper and acts a transitional layer from the more supportive base and softer top

Comfortable Foam | this is the cloud comfort layer, extra padding in top quilting to soften and relieve pressure through your hips, back and shoulders

Non-Woven Fabric | strong, breathable, with an oh so soft touch

Knitted Fabric Cover | soft texture, moisture permeability and excellent flexibility to ensure breathability