Confused about whether a foam or spring mattress is right for you?

No need to sweat. We’ve got your back

Truth is, both foam and spring have their benefits for a supportive, peaceful nights sleep

So we created a HYBRID! …and explained it in layman’s terms

Our Hibernate mattress is a composition of independent pocket springs, which provide wholesome support and durability with layers of natural latex foam and cooling gel memory foam for comfort and no more sweaty nights

Hibernate with a Hybrid.

Independent pocket springs | zero partner disturbance, means that movement is isolated within the independent zoned pocket springs, eliminating surface disturbance. Its like a DO NOT DISTURB sign for your side of the bed!

Natural Latex | ‘sinking into a heavenly cushion’ feel and responds instantly to your movements to offer pressure relief. What’s more, it’s hypo-allogenic, antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites

Gel Memory Foam | a secondary layer of comfort for that undeniable ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feeling. It moulds to your body, particuarly beneficial for those suffering pressure point pain or hip and shoulder pain. The gel topper improves air flow and regulates your tempature. Bye, bye sweaty nights!

High-Density Foam | as a middle layer provides the support for the sleeper and acts a transitional layer from the more supportive base and softer top

Comfortable Foam | contibutor to the cloud like comfort as extra padding in top quilting to soften and relieve pressure

Knitted Jacquard Cover | soft texture, moisture permeability and excellent flexibility to ensure breathability