If you have children, you know how much they enjoy having their own space. Kids room design ideas can be influenced by multiple factors, including your children’s ages and personal preferences. Every kid’s room, whether it’s a girl’s room, a boy’s room, a baby’s room, or a teen’s room presents their own set of design challenges.

For example, it is important to design a space that they’ll love now and that will last for years to come. Aside from the child’s personality, you should also consider your budget and the room’s style.

Girls or boys, there is a lot to consider when designing a great kids room—but you don’t need an interior designer to pull it off.

1. Bedroom design with lots of colour and fun

For a child who isn’t afraid to have a good time, the room can have several key elements in this design, including a colourful bed, a cheery rug and a variety of colours and texture pops. It offers a playful update on a traditional design style. Kids can express themselves through pictures, artwork on the wall above their beds, which is one of our favourites!

A set of matching nightstands, dressers and a bookcase is ideal for a young child’s room. Create a more coordinated look so the furniture doesn’t look too haphazard. In this way, you can avoid the hassle of trying to coordinate multiple pieces, and you can add new pieces over time. Plus, buying furniture as a set can save family money.

2. Animal lover’s bedroom

It’s a myth that brown walls are monotonous. Wildlife enthusiasts will love this rustic, brown children’s room design. If you want to create a peaceful sleeping space, choose brown walls in a girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

Rugs, throw pillows, and other decors add pops of pattern to this style. It’s a great alternative to a reading nook because it’s quirky and hanging.

3. A classic blue children’s bedroom

Blue is a great colour to use in children’s rooms. A boy’s or girl’s room can benefit from this design. Over time, blue can become a calming colour that they can grow to love. Plus, it looks great with almost any type of furniture or decor! To make the room feel cosier, layering rugs is a great idea. In addition to adding visual interest, the layered look provides additional floor coverage. Jute rugs are a great option because they are available in larger sizes at an affordable cost. For high-traffic areas, such as children’s rooms, these are also excellent choices!

4. A bedroom for two

If you have siblings who share a room, this cosy bunk bedroom is perfect for you. If your child enjoys hosting sleepovers, this is a great idea for them as well! The room is bright and comfortable, and the jewel-toned pastels give it a fresh, youthful feel. Rug, art, and pillows with patterns tie all the colours together and make the room look both sophisticated and playful at the same time.

It’s the perfect storage solution for a kid’s room, with its oversized blue basket. As a result, toys, clothes, and other stray clutter can easily be stowed away. Star decor, a plush horse, and the layered grey rug add a touch of magic and personality to this space.

5. Game room

Sports fanatics will love this room. In this sleeping space, the dark wall colour is both strong and soothing, creating a cosy atmosphere. It’s not too heavy because it’s balanced by light-coloured furniture. The dark wall colour is softened with pops of pattern. A twin bed with the headboard against the wall leaves room for a desk next to the window in this room.

For sports equipment, extra clothes, blankets, or even games you can store them in a trunk at the foot of the bed. Foundational furniture is the key to this style, which is perfect for a kid’s room. So you won’t have to replace items when your child outgrows them. Also, you can repurpose items like the trunk, dresser, nightstand and desk in a few years for other rooms (or younger family members).

6. Rest and Relax

An additional feature of this kids room idea is a bunk bed setup. A clever solution for a small bedroom, as the second bed takes up no floor space. If you live in a small city apartment, this is a great option. It’s also possible to remove the lower bunk bed when your children no longer need to share a space, converting it into a hangout/lounge or a mini-study area.

Personalise each “level” with art and decor of your child’s choosing! If you want your kids to express themselves, we recommend using wallpaper as an accent wall.

7. Pink Perfection

For a child who loves pink, this room design is ideal. You may need to paint over the hot pink in your bedroom in a few years. A blush or dusty rose, on the other hand, is more durable. Lots of natural textures, such as woods, tassels, plush and sheepskin are great ways to balance out this look. As a result, the space feels less cheesy and more sophisticated.

Which style are you going to utilise when decorating your kids’ room?

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